» src=»/templates/Win8/dleimages/spoiler-plus.gif» /> What is new in version 4.71: Collectibles: Added new field types: weight and material; Added new statistics view: by materials with total weights; Filter of the collectible list: Change colors of buttons; Show icons for buttons when there is enough free space in the window; Edit/add collectible window: Allow manual adding of the country/currency for collectible using Edit control with drop down list with already used or predefined values (you can disable this functionality and return back to just selection using combo-box with flag images); Auto adding new country/currency entry during creation/modification of the collectible (you can disable this functionality in the setting window); Fix: show vertical scroll bar when data is too big to fit the list of the ComboBox field type; List: Fix: sort by income date; Fix: enhance sorting by price (catalog price / paid amount);Collection Studio 4.71 + Portable + Patch</h1>

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 What is new in version 4.71:

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